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Access Control Systems


New Installations/
Service Existing Systems

Whether you are starting from scratch or you have an existing system, Independent Alarm can help get your business up and running quickly. No access control job is too small or large. Existing systems can be either updated or repaired. 

Integration with
Existing Systems

Access controlled doors can easily be integrated with existing systems to be “fail safe” or “fail secure” based on your building and business's specific needs. In the event of an emergency, doors can be automatically unlocked or locked with no credential access.


Our access control systems can be customized for any application, from a single door to an entire campus, or anything in-between. Managing the database can be done from a central location, a remote site or even from your phone.

Scheduling Access
by User Codes

Users and card holders of an access control system are granted access via user levels which can be further restricted with schedules. This makes it easy to segment your employees based on where and when they should be in a building.

Database Services

Do you have high employee turnover or prefer not to pay your expensive IT personnel to manage your database of access cards? Our staff has the expertise and hardware capabilities to take over the management of your building's access control systems. 

Encrypted Access &
High Security Locations

Independent Alarm has the ability to handle all of your access control needs from basic encrypted readers/system configurations to highly sensitive security requirements.
Security is our specialty!

An Independent Alarm access control system is a valuable addition to any business or high security area.  By choosing levels of security for each area, access can be granted or limited based on dates and times to allow you more control over areas that need tighter security.  

Contemporary Readers & OptionsDo you have a specific contemporary look for your business in mind? No need to settle for outdated readers and interfaces. Independent Alarm offers various styles of readers to meet your needs. 

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Access Control Equipment for Commercial Use