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Independent Alarm has built its reputation based on customer service, quality workmanship, and fair pricing. We offer the finest security systems, fire alarms, video surveillance systems, and related products and services to prevent intrusion. With the latest technology, we can make your home as smart as you are

  • Features

    Fire Detection

    When thinking about adding fire protection, contact your homeowner’s insurance representative to discuss possible discounts. Monitored fire detection devices are a great addition to a system because they notify the fire department within minutes. Without a monitored fire system, fire department may not be notified until it is too late. Sleep soundly knowing you are taken care of by the best.

  • Smart Phone Control

    Control systems are the heart of your security. You can manually control various items in your home through your phone, tablet, or computer via an alarm system, with a schedule, or triggered through security system actions. We can include lighting, door locks, HVAC controls, and more.

  • 24/7 UL Listed Monitoring

    Our monitoring department is a leader in the industry. Your safety is the highest priority. Our monitoring company is UL Listed, which means it is tested by an independent third-party organization thrice yearly for redundancy, responsiveness, and security protocols.

  • Existing System Takeover

    If you have an existing system that is not monitored, or you simply want to switch from your current company, you are in the right place. The entire process is fairly simple and painless. A technician will attempt to reprogram your system to communicate with our central station. The tech will repair issues and provide you with a tutorial on the system. Occassionally, when a takeover can't be done, there will be no charge, and we will advise you of the options available.

  • New Construction Prewire

    Having a new home built or renovating your existing home? Save money by having your low-voltage wiring (security, fire, network, sound, etc.) run while the walls are open. Wiring your home in advance will ensure years of high-quality system use. We will coordinate with the builder to ensure a seamless process. With over 40 years of experience, Independent Alarm will provide state-of-the-art equipment to see you into the future.

  • Home Automation

    Adding smart devices to your residence can lower energy/utility bills and enhance security features. Home automation commonly includes controlling lighting, appliances, HVAC, and/or door locks via a schedule, a security system device trigger, or manually through your smartphone, computer, or security system.

  • Camera Surveillance

    Whether you are having issues or just being proactive, cameras will help you stay on top of your security. Long gone are the days of poor quality video image equipment. Today's cameras are HD quality, reliable, and can be viewed remotely on smartphones for no monthly fee. Go with a professional installation; your desired image will be there when needed. Choose a system that requires a recorder on site or a “cloud” based systems that records all footage offsite.

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two men looking at security system
two men looking at security system