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Security alarm
  • Perimeter & Interior Protection

    Don't leave anything to chance. Secure your perimeter doors & windows with commercial-grade contacts and protect the interior of your building with dual technology motion detectors (Passive Infrared + Microwave).

  • Partition Systems

    Do you have different “areas” on your alarm system? Separate garage? Manager’s office? Delivery entrance area? Keep specific areas of your building secure and grant access on a user-by-user basis.

  • Multiple User Codes

    We recommend each employee is provided a separate user code. Gain greater control over your business by tracking employee usage, which is great for seasonal or temp employees. Always know who has access to your facility.

  • Smart Phone Control

    With new strides in technology, controlling your system remotely is easily achievable. Never be in the dark again concerning your business. Always be in control and receive push notifications on system events.

  • Cellular Communications

    Telephone lines are becoming a thing of the past and are vulnerable to tampering. Monitor your system via an LTE cellular communicator. Cell communicators can also be retrofitted to most existing systems.

  • Customized Solutions

    No two applications are identical. Protect your business properly with a customized solution and avoid the pitfalls of a cookie-cutter design. Our experts will design the right system for your business and budget.

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two men looking at security system
two men looking at security system