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Every fire alarm system we install will be custom designed to fit your business's needs while conforming to National and State fire alarm codes. Our expert staff will lead you from professional design, permit submittals, installation, testing, and tutorial. We can also perform your annual Fire Alarm Certifications as required by code.


    Cellular Only (Sole Path)

    At Independent Alarm, we offer several monitoring options for your business needs. The first is a cell communicator listed for fire alarm systems that can communicate with our central monitoring station. This is the most commonly used option today due to its reliability and cost savings.

  • Internet Only (Sole Path)

    Another helpful option to facilitate monitoring is through the Internet. It can be used as a single means of communication with our central monitoring station. This option can also provide faster and more reliable connectivity that simplifies monitoring each one of your installations.

  • Telephone Lines (Two Lines)

    This option is recommended to those clients who own two phone lines available in their building and are approved by your AHJ. The benefit of this option is that if one of your lines is damaged, the other can still operate normally. You can communicate with the authorities for approval.

  • Combination

    At Independent Alarm, our experts are prepared to help you choose the best option for your business. If you are interested in combining any of the above technologies for your communication pathway, we can also make that possible. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

  • Monitoring Requirements

    NFPA72 requires that all commercial fire system monitoring includes a "24-Hour Test" feature, which means the fire alarm will send a signal to the central monitoring station once every 24 hours to ensure the communication paths are working properly. This feature is included with our commerical fire alarm monitoring plan to keep you compliant with the code.

  • Windowless Basement Law

    If you own a commercial building with a basement in New Jersey, you may be subject to the “Windowless Basement Law.” The “Windowless Basement Law” requires a fire alarm system to be installed and monitored in basements with no windows or windows that are too small for firefighter access. If there is a door it must be above grade level to count as an opening. Generally speaking, on one side of the building, the window openings must be 32”x48” and spaced not more than 100 feet apart or 22”x42” and not more than 30 feet apart.

  • Ongoing Maintenance

    Overall, a properly installed fire alarm system should require little maintenance. The panel’s backup batteries must be changed every few years, and smoke detectors should be cleaned periodically. An annual Fire Alarm Certification must be performed for the system every year. This report must be presented to your local fire prevention office, proving the system’s continued maintenance and testing. Independent Alarm can handle your fire alarm system's service and maintenance needs.


Potter Fire

Potter Fire is one of our most valuable providers. Its standards have catalyzed our focus on designing, developing, and manufacturing the highest quality and most reliable life safety products available today.


    Peer-to-Peer Networking

    With the simple installation of an ethernet or fiber-based P-Link card and a panel firmware update, users can network their existing systems without purchasing new fire panels.

  • P-Link Networking Cards

    The NCE-1000 Ethernet Networking Card provides transient/earth fault detection on standard ethernet wiring, and the NCF-1000 Fiber Optic Networking Card provides long-range network capability.

  • IP Connectivity

    Eliminate the cost of telephone lines and save money using your building's existing network infrastructure. The IP communications' speed allows for sending event information to the central station in seconds.

  • Email & Reminders

    Potter IP-enabled fire alarm systems are email ready. History and Detector Status Reports can be sent on demand as a text or Excel® file for a professional look.

  • IntelliView

    Monitors your fire panel or nitrogen generator from anywhere in the world with industry-leading smart features. Potter fire panels report all system statuses instantaneously, being helpful for the users to respond quickly to system emergencies or maintenance needs.

  • Panel Programming

    Once connected to a network, the panel configuration software provides a drag-and-drop interface for custom programming and configuration for all points or a stand-alone computer.

  • Programmable EOLs

    NACs and I/Os have programmable EOLs between 2.0k and 27k. This can be achieved manually by installing the resistor, using the panel's LEARN function, or automatically using the programming software.

  • Dipswitch Programming

    Potter Protocol devices are now programmed through easy-to-use dipswitches. This makes it easier than ever to address SLC devices on-site and requires no external hardware.

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