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Home monitoring services
  • Why is it Important to Monitor Your Alarm System?

    When it comes to security, every second counts. Alarm, fire, and medical emergency systems are important to keeping your family and property safe and alerting you to immediate and serious dangers. But when the alarm sounds, can you be sure someone will be around to hear it and able to respond quickly? Residential alarm monitoring bridges the gap and is the ever-present watchful eye that can be the lifesaving difference in how quickly the appropriate help gets to your home. Independent Alarm partners with COPS Monitoring, one of the most respected and technologically advanced in the industry, which ties your alarm's signal to the appropriate emergency response without delay, even if you are not home or unable to respond to the alarm yourself.

  • Here Is How It Works

    - An alarm is detected by a system onsite at a building or home. The alarm signals via telephone lines, cellular connections, or the internet. - C.O.P.S. Monitoring receives the signal, verifies the alarm condition, and alerts the authorities (if needed). - Police, Fire, or EMS are notified and dispatched to the location of the alarm.

  • These are just a Few of the Advantages

    - Emergency response can be initiated even if you are asleep, injured, or unconscious. - When an alarm is activated, it only depends on neighbors hearing and responding if you are away from home. - Faster response times. - 24/7 protection

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two men looking at security system
two men looking at security system