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With an intercom system, you can easily see and communicate with visitors at any entry point of your building. Intercom systems provide a simple, secure solution to protect your employees and building. In any area where access must be limited, yet you need the convenience of granting entry on demand, an intercom system is a great solution.

Intercom equipment

    New Installations / Service Existing Systems

    Whether you are starting from scratch or you have an existing system, Independent Alarm can handle all of your intercom system needs. No intercom job is too large or small, from multi-unit housing to single-station applications. Existing systems can be evaluated, updated or repaired.

  • Audio Only Systems Upgrades

    Many audio-only intercom systems have the ability to be upgraded to include video while using the existing wiring. Adding a video component to your existing intercom system increases security and functionality. Images can also be recorded for future reference.

  • Integration with Existing Access Controls

    Do you have a door that has existing access control or some form of electronic locking hardware? New intercom systems can integrate with existing hardware and door controls. Speak with your Independent Alarm representative about utilizing your existing equipment.

  • Expandable Systems

    Start small and grow your system as your needs increase. When meeting with our estimator, discuss not only your current needs, but also potential needs in the future. Choose a system that can be expanded on and consider installing wiring now for future stations.

  • Integrating with Existing CCTV Systems

    Some intercom systems can be integrated with an existing surveillance camera near an entry door for identification purposes. Each building is different, and your situation should be discussed with your Independent Alarm representative.

  • Room / Room & Room / Door Communication

    Intercom systems have the ability to allow internal room-to-room communication in addition to room-to-entry door communication. Adding another form of communication is a great feature for larger commercial buildings.

  • Upgrading Existing Systems Using Existing Wire

    Do you have an existing intercom system in your building? Often, new systems can simply reuse existing wiring to save you money. Every building is different, so careful consideration is needed for each situation. Your knowledgeable Independent Alarm representative will advise you of your options for reusing existing system components.

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