Tips for Video Surveillance Installation

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1.  Don’t hide your cameras.  Most burglars consider the presence of cameras a deterrent and when selecting a home to target will avoid homes with them.  If your system is professionally monitored the local authorities will be alerted in real time and will be able to apprehend the suspect before any significant damage is done.


2.  Protect more than your front door.  A video doorbell is a really useful tool to monitor front door activity and to ensure that deliveries are done properly.  They can be monitored remotely which is also useful when not home.  But there are other areas on your home that are more vulnerable such as back doors and ground-floor windows in the back and side of your home that are a common entry way for intruders.


3.  Set up cameras with motion detectors.  This makes remote monitoring more efficient.  You can get an alert when someone or some thing is in view and monitor only relevant activity.


4. Power sources. You will need to decide between a battery-powered camera or net hat connects to a nearby electrical outlet.  Wi-Fi cameras need access to a strong signal so you should consider a wireless range extender.


5. Secure your account properly.  While a security camera system keeps a watch over your home you still need to secure your account to avoid cyber intruders.  Make sure you change passwords often and make them complex.  Enable two-factor authentication when available.  If using a WiFi camera, make sure your router is secured using encryption as well.  Intruders are no longer only physically on your property.


Our expert security advisors can walk you through all the current technology available and what you need to find just the right system to provide you with the utmost peace of mind.  Contact us to find out more about what you can do to protect your home and family.








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