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Security Systems by Independent Alarm, Pennsauken, NJ

Why Do I Need a Security System?

Because your peace of mind is priceless!
A properly designed and monitored home security system will...


Yard Signs and window decals will alert intruders to go somewhere else. FBI statistics show that your home is 3 times less likely to experience a break-in when you show you own a security system. Stopping a break in
BEFORE it happens is the best way to
protect your home and family! You and your family can sleep soundly knowing you will be alerted of any perimeter or interior events in your home.


Security systems detect when someone enters your home. If an intruder still attempts a break in despite the decals and yard signs, the system detects them. Detection is accomplished when a protected perimeter point (door/window) is opened, when motion
is detected, when glass breaks, or when stress on the floor is detected. Fire detection and medical alert capabilities are also available.


Once detected, a siren sounds and the authorities are notified via a central station monitoring company. Within minutes help is on the way in the form of police, fire department, and or medical professionals. Your predesignated emergency contacts 
will also be notified. There is no substitute for knowing that help will be there quickly whether you are home or away. 

You may be qualified for up to a 20 percent discount on your homeowner's insurance premiums for installing monitored security and fire systems, making a
home security system not only practical but affordable as well!

Request an EstimateGet a no pressure estimate with a licensed security expert.  Experience the Independent Alarm difference.


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Having a home security system is a wise investment in providing  safety and security for you and your family ! And it's more affordable than you think. We have been providing peace of mind since 1978.

Get a no pressure estimate with a licensed security expert. Experience the Independent Alarm difference.