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Existing Home Security System Takeovers by Independent Alarm in Pennsauken, NJ

Existing System Takeovers

Can My System Be Reused?

Alarm systems come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations with various capabilities and ages. Manufacturers make many types of systems which can be vastly different from each other. As a general rule, many alarm systems that were installed after 2000 are prime candidates for reuse. Mainly because the average life span of alarm systems is about 15-20 years. Additionally, if your system lacks modern features such as smartphone control, internet/cell communication, home automation and/or text alerts and you would like to have these conveniences added or associated with your alarm system, you would be best served to upgrade your equipment. With an older system, it would not make good fiscal sense to put money into an antiquated system that will need to be upgraded in the near future. In that case it is a better choice to upgrade. There are exceptions to some older panels and it is a case by case basis.  We can help you make the best decision based on our expertise. We will let you know what your system is capable of doing.

Takeover Procedure

One of our technicians will come to your home and attempt to “takeover” your existing alarm system and program it to communicate with our central station by trying to get into the programming side of the alarm system software to reprogram with your account information. Access to the back end of the software of your system to change certain fields including your account number, the central station contact information, and system related fields that determine how the panel operates are required. Sometimes companies will install proprietary passwords and codes that prevent other companies from using their installed equipment. The password/code is different from the 4-6 digit code that you use to arm/disarm the system. Without this code, we could be blocked from using that panel. Only a trained professional will be able to evaluate this for you. Rest assured our technicions will do everything in their power to gain access and successfully take over your existing system!

If Successful...

The technician will also perform a full system test and identify any issues with your system. This could include broken wires, window contacts, etc. Necessary repairs will be made to ensure proper operation. If a phone line or internet cable needs to be run, this will also be done. The technician will then confirm your system is communicating with central station. A full system tutorial will then be given for your reconfigured system.

If the System Cannot be Taken Over...

A technician can tell you right away if there is a problem and you would incur no charge for the service call. Our sales department can follow up with your options to upgrade the main panel circuit board or simply upgrade the panel and keypads on the system.Most devices such as door/window contacts, glass break/motion detectors, smoke detectors, etc. can be reused with a new control panel. Only the main control and the keypad(s) would need to be replaced. 

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Existing Home Security System Takeovers by Independent Alarm in Pennsauken, NJ