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Home Security by Independent Alarm in Pennsauken NJ

Home Security Systems


Fire Detection

When thinking about adding fire protection, contact your homeowner’s insurance representative to discuss possible discounts. Monitored fire detection devices are a great addition to a system because they notify the fire department within minutes.  Without a monitored fire system, the fire department may not be notified until smoke is billowing from the home. Sleep soundly knowing you are taken care of by the best.

Existing System Takeover

If you have an existing system that is not monitored or you simply want to switch from your current company, you are in the right place. The entire process is fairly simple and painless. A technician will attempt to reprogram your system to communicate with our central station. The tech will repair issues and provide you with a tutorial on the system. Occassionally when a takeover can't be done there will be no charge and we will advise you of
the options available to you.

Camera Surveillance

Whether you are having issues or just being proactive, cameras will help you stay on top of your security. Long gone are the days of poor quality video image equipment. Today's cameras are HD quality, reliable, and can be viewed remotely on smartphones for no monthly fee. Go with a professional installation and the image you want will be there when you need it. Choose a system that requires a recorder on site or a “cloud” based systems that records all footage offsite.

Smart Phone Control

When it comes to controlling systems in your home, the security system is usually at the heart of everything.
Via an alarm system you can control various items in your home manually, with a schedule or triggered through security system actions. Common
items we can include are lighting, door locks, HVAC controls and more.
All these items are controllable through your phone, tablet, or computer.

New Construction Prewire

Having a new home built or renovating your existing home? Save money by having all of your low voltage wiring (security, fire, network, sound, etc.) run while the walls are open. Wiring your home in advance will ensure years of high quality use of your system. We will coordinate with the builder to ensure a seamless process.  With over 40 plus years of experience, Independent Alarm will provide you with state-of-the-art equipment that will see you into the future.

Whole House Audio

Move into the 21st century with in wall speakers and surround sound in your home. It has never been easier! If you love to entertain or are simply a music enthusiast, consider taking your experience to the next level by having a custom sound system installed in your home with the ability to control each room independently. All rooms can be controlled locally or with a smartphone. Have the system installed professionally to enjoy years of usage and entertainment.

24/7 UL Listed Monitoring

Our monitoring department is a leader in the industry. Your safety is the highest priority. Our monitoring company is UL Listed which means it is tested by an independent third party organization three times per year for redundancy, responsiveness, and security protocols. Call centers are located in New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, and Arizona. You will only speak with representatives based in the US.

Home Automation

Trying to lower energy/utility bills or
enhance security features, such as lighting in your home? Adding home automation devices can help you achieve these goals. Home automation commonly includes controlling
lighting, appliances, HVAC,
and/or door locks in your home
via a schedule, through a security system device trigger or manually.
All of this can be done with
your smartphone, tablet,
computer, or security system. 


Do you have a need in your home to speak to others room to room or identify someone at the front door? Intercom systems are a great way to achieve this goal. Joint video and audio systems are available as well as audio only systems. Many times you can retrofit an older system with new technology while reusing all of the existing wiring from the original system.

Independent Alarm has built it's reputation based on customer service, quality workmanship and fair pricing.  We offer the finest in security systems, fire alarms, video surveillance systems and related products and services.  With the latest in technology, we can make your home as smart as you are.  

We have been providing peace of mind since 1978.

Structured Wiring

Prepare your home for the future with a centralized wiring cabinet that can handle all of your future technological needs. Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, installing a structured wiring cabinet as your central audio/video, security, and home automation hub is a great idea allowing you to centralize all of your technology needs. Be smart and plan ahead. 

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