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Current Commercial Customer FAQs

Our Commercial fire system has activated and I want to reset it, what should I do?

If your fire alarm activates in a commercial setting, such as a warehouse, office building, or dental / medical office, you should IMMEDIATELY evacuate the building and wait for the fire department. DO NOT reset the fire panel until the fire department arrives. Once the issue has been resolved, the fire official will indicate when it is okay to reset the fire system.

Resetting the system is not the same as “silencing” the system. You may silence the fire system if your panel allows and the activation is a confirmed false alarm. This will allow for determination of activating device. Instructions vary by model. Call Independent Alarm at 800-322-4231 if you are at all unsure of the operation of your system.

Who do I call if my alarm is activating outside of business hours and I cannot silence it?

If you are a MONITORED customer, please refer to the Independent Alarm data card that you were given after the installation of your system. This card contains our emergency 24 hour phone number. A live person can be reached via this number 24 / 7. During regular business hours call the office at 800-322-4231.

If you are a NON-MONITORED customer, you can leave a message on the main line (800-322-4231) and someone will contact you during regular business hours. The emergency contact number is provided for monitored customers only, due to notification being made to the local authorities.

Can I change my alarm system back-up battery myself?

Yes, for most alarm systems you can change the main back-up battery yourself. If you have a system with a main control panel (metal box in utility area, closet, etc.) with a large 4 or 8 AH (amp hour) rated battery, it is rather simple (see panel and battery pictures below). If you have an all in one system, (all in one wireless system with no separate metal box) you should contact Independent Alarm for changing the main battery. If you are unsure, call 800-322-4231 to ask about your specific system.

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How can I change my alarm system back-up battery?

Once you have acquired the correct replacement battery (4 or 8 AH (amp hour) lead acid battery), from Independent Alarm, locate the main control panel or “brains” of the system in your utility area, closet, etc. Open the metal door and locate the old battery. Remove the red wire (positive terminal) and the black wire (negative terminal). Remove the old battery. Place the new battery in the box and connect the red wire to the red terminal of the battery. Connect the black wire to black terminal of the battery. DO NOT CONNECT THE WIRES TO THE OPPOSITE COLOR TERMINAL. Incorrectly connecting the battery may do irreparable damage to the panel.

If you do not feel comfortable with this process, please contact Independent Alarm at 800-322-4231 to schedule a service call.

Am I required to purchase my alarm system back-up battery from Independent Alarm or can I buy from another vendor?

No, you do not need to purchase your battery from us. However, the batteries we sell are commercial grade and intended to ensure the proper operation of your alarm panel. Batteries from hardware stores or from online sources are not necessarily specific to the alarm industry. To ensure maximizing the system you use to protect your home and family, we recommend purchasing your battery from us. We know what size battery you need and will help with replacement instructions.

Will Independent Alarm take my old battery?

Yes, bring your old battery in when picking-up your new battery. We will recycle it at no extra cost.

What is the difference between arming "Stay" and "Away"?

In general, the “stay” arming mode enables all of the perimeter devices in your home / business. This includes doors and windows most commonly. The “away” arming mode enables all perimeter AND interior devices such as motion detectors. Every system can be set up differently so your specific situation should be verified if you are unsure if a certain device is programmed as a perimeter or interior device.

My keypad is beeping, what should I do?

First you need to confirm that your keypad is the device making noise in your home. There are many devices in your home that can cause an audible beep or chirp, which may not necessarily be your alarm system. An alarm system beep / sound will occur when a trouble or error is indicated on your system’s keypad. This is the first place you should look.

If your alarm system keypad reads “System Normal – Ready to Arm” or displays a green “Ready” light, your system is operating normally and should not be beeping. If your alarm keypad has an error code, trouble code or LED light lit up under the trouble / error indicator, your system is not working properly and you should contact Independent Alarm at 800-322-4231.

You can consult your quick guide or user manual to investigate the issue yourself. You can review some of our commonly installed systems User Guides HERE.

What should I do if I change Phone services providers?

Anytime you are thinking of adding, changing, or removing phone service at your home or business you should contact our office at 800-322-4231 to see how this will affect your security and / or fire systems.  Contacting us ahead of time may not only save you the added expense of a service call but it could also help avoid any lapse of protection.

What should I do if I am moving and need to disconnect my monitoring?

While we never wish to lose a monitored customer, we understand that your life changes and you will be moving from time to time. The first step to disconnect your account is to pull out your original agreement (paperwork signed when you came on board with Independent Alarm) and review your agreement. Next you must notify us in writing via email (, fax (856-854-7171), or mail that you wish to disconnect. At that time we will begin the process and follow up with you in order to make arrangements.

Can I connect my alarm system to my smart phone?

Most recently installed alarm and camera systems have the ability to be controlled and / or viewed from a smartphone. Each system is different and additions / upgrades to a system may be needed to ensure proper operation. An additional monthly fee may apply.

Contact Independent Alarm at 800-322-4231 to discuss your system’s capabilities.

I just changed my alarm panel's battery but the keyboard is still reading "LowBattery" What should Ido?

After you install a NEW main alarm panel battery in the gray / tan / white / black metal box in your utility / closet area, the system may take up to 4 hours to sense its presence. If your panel still indicates a low battery signal after 24 hours or so, contact us at 800-322-4231.

How do I put my system on TEST?

To put your system on test you have two options:

1)  Call Independent Alarm during regular business hours and request to have your account put on test. We can do this online and watch as your test codes come in.

2)  Call the central monitoring station (C.O.P.S.) and request to have your account put on test with your receiver and account number (C.O.P.S. phone number and your receiver / account number can be found on the data card you were given after installation). You will be asked for your name and password (also on your data card). When testing is complete, call C.O.P.S. and request to take your system off of test. You can ask for test results at this time, to ensure your alarm system is sending signals.

How do I add, change or delete a code from my system?

If you are a monitored customer, we can make code changes remotely for most systems. We use software at the office to contact your alarm panel and make the changes you request. For your protection, any account change requests must be submitted in writing. Your code change request can either be emailed to (, faxed (856-854-7171), or mailed. This is available to monitored customers only.

If you would like to handle this manually we have outlined instructions for adding, changing, and deleting codes on our most commonly used panels / keypads in our panel quick guides. You can download your panel’s quick guide (if available) or user manual on our HERE.

If your keypad / system is not listed, please contact us at 800-322-4231.

How do I change my wireless smoke detector/motion detector and/or window contact batteries?

Despite the many different types of alarm systems installed, it is relatively straightforward to change batteries in alarm system sensors. The following steps should be taken:

  • Identify and confirm the device with a low battery.
  • Confirm and purchase the correct replacement battery from Independent Alarm (or your local pharmacy).
  • Carefully remove the cover on the device with a low battery. (This step may require a small flathead screwdriver to remove the cover and a ladder to reach smoke detectors.) Wireless window and door contacts typically have a slot on the side where a small flathead screwdriver can be used to GENTLY pry open a case. Smoke detectors typically swivel off of a mounting base and can be lowered for battery replacement.
  • Once opened, remove the dead battery and replace a new battery. Be sure to install the new battery in the same configuration as the previous battery.
  • Reinstall the device’s cover onto the main base plate.
  • Confirm the low battery signal is gone from the alarm system keypad.

If you do not feel comfortable with this procedure, please contact Independent Alarm at 800-322-4231. Independent Alarm can not be held responsible for damaged or broken sensors that were serviced by the owner.

Does Independent Alarm have a referral program? If so, what are the details?

Yes, we do have a referral program. The details are as follows:

Referral Program Details:

When a current monitored customer refers someone who elects to be monitored, the referrer receives a $100 shopping gift certificate to a national retailer AFTER the new system has been installed. The person being referred must be a new Independent Alarm customer. There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer.  To find out more about our generous referral program go to our REFERRAL PROGRAM PAGE.

If you don't find the answers you need, call us at 800.322.4231.  We are always happy to help!

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