February 7th, 2020

A Smart Alarm System Can Help Tighten Your Budget

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Are you looking for ways to tighten your budget?  Purchasing a smart alarm system may be more cost effective than you think.  While it might seem like a luxury, equipping your home with one of these systems is a sound investment rather than a splurge.  There are many reasons to consider making your home a smart one in 2018.


A smart thermostat that is powered by your security system can automatically switch you into energy saving mode even when you are not home.  You can even choose the option to add smart plugs and smart lights to your system giving you full ability to monitor the energy use in your entire house.


A smart alarm system has the ability to  detect such things as water leaks or burst pipes that if caught quickly can save thousands of dollars in repair cost.


A smart alarm system can help you minimize insurance claims…and insurance companies show their appreciation for that by discounting your premiums by up to 20%.  With a monitored smart system, a trained security specialist will alert the fire or police departments for you, 24/7, minimizing response times. 


Unlike DIY systems, you can get a professionally installed and monitored system in your home that is fully functional when your technician leaves.  No need to piece together a system yourself or try to figure out how to work the technology, you will get dedicated support with the ability to easily add functions at a later date.

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