February 6th, 2020

Tips to Increase Your Business Security

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Commercial security is critical. Since many businesses sit empty every night, you should have security in place to protect your inventory and facilities while you’re away. With employees and customers going in and out of your business, it is paramount to keep track of who is accessing your facility as well as keeping your employees safe.  Consider the following tips.

Proper Lighting

Not only is proper lighting important to eliminate potential hiding places for burglars, having proper lighting is essential to keeping your employees safe. Remember to have a well-lit parking lot in addition to a well-lit building especially if your business has after-dark business hours.

Access Control Systems

Consider upgrading to an access control system. Access control systems use unique PINs, proximity cards or keyfobs to unlock doors, which means keys can’t be stolen and duplicated and locks don’t have to be changed when a key is lost or an employee leaves the company. You can also keep a log of who is entering and leaving the facility, arranged by date, time & location.

Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm systems are the best way to deter break-ins. Systems can be designed to protect the perimeter and/or interior of your building. Additionally, we can set up your system to alert you to smoke, fire, low temperatures and water damage. Smart systems can go even further and arm themselves according to preprogramed schedules and can be monitored remotely from your smartphone.

Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras can prevent break-ins as crimes are less likely to happen when potential threats are aware of the chance that someone is watching. In the event that there IS a break-in cameras can also aid in the apprehension of the perpetrator.

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