December 24th, 2019

Voice Activate Your Alarm System


New this year, for our customers, the integrated cloud-based connected-home platform has added support for the Amazon Echo and its voice-activated digital assistant Alexa for a voice controlled, connected home.

“With Amazon Echo and its cloud-based voice service named Alexa,” says the company, “a simple spoken command makes your system completely hands free.”



This new technology makes it easy to secure your home. You can simply ask Alexa to lock your front door and actually confirm that the smart locks are engaged. Anything you can do manually with app you can now do by simply speaking into the Amazon Echo, it’s never been easier. You can even bundle commands such as automatically locking your doors whenever you arm your alarm system simply by logging into and creating automation rules that work with voice commands. See just how easy it is in this video.


Alexa can also set your thermostat as well as your lights through the system.  Basically…anything you now control with the app you can now control with your voice. 


If you already have a security system that is controlled through, you can download the skill through your Amazon Alexa app for no additional cost.


Do you have an older alarm system that is not utilizing services? Upgrading is easier than you think. If you do not currently have a security system, resolve in the coming year to alarm your home the smart way, we can help.  Request a free quote today!


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